Farmer's Haybales

Do you have a layer cake you fell in love with but you don't know what to do with it? Or maybe it is that fat quarter bundle you couldn't live with out. Either way this pattern is a perfect solution. It showcases those fabrics beautifully! It goes together really quick as well. Great for beginners.

You do need to hear the story of how we named this quilt. We designed this quilt and were building out the sample. As we looked at it we just couldn't pick a name for it. We asked one of the Farmer's granddaughters, Ellen. Sarah's 2nd oldest. We said, "Ellen what should we name this quilt?" She looked at it and  said "Squares." Sarah rolled her eyes and sarcastically commented "thanks for the help, Ellen." Meanwhile, Susan yells "Ellen you are a genius!" Sarah looks over to Susan, confused, and Susan continues, "Square bales!" Those of you that live in the Midwest know exactly what that means. And this quilt looks like an end of a square bale. Isn't Ellen brilliant? Now whenever we are stuck on a name, Sarah suggests sarcastically to ask Ellen. I agree. She is a great thinker!

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